Fostering public capacity to plan, finance and manage integrated urban REGeneration for sustainable energy uptake

Training for public officers involved in urban regeneration

Integrated urban regeneration

Multilevel coordination


FosterREG aims at enhancing public capacity at local, regional and national levels to plan, finance and manage integrated urban regeneration for sustainable energy uptake, through capacity building, promotion and articulation of effective multilevel coordination, and national as well as European network strengthening. These objectives will be achieved through public stakeholders’ engagement in joint analysis and knowledge development activities, as well as creation and dissemination of targeted training materials and activities across Europe. Read more...                    

FosterREG collaboration with sister projects

Beside capacity building trainings for public authorities, FosterREG works on the alignment of interests, strengthening of relations and knowledge exchange with the existing networks relevant to energy efficiency in urban regeneration. Example of FosterREG networking activities is the collaboration with other H2020 projects clusters, namely URBAN LEARNING and BUILD UPON.

Contacts with these two mentioned projects’ representatives were made by the FosterREG national cluster in Croatia during the training activities. Both projects work on similar goals, addressing energy efficiency issues in urban regeneration.




BUILD UPON closed in February 2017 was a successful European project with Croatian partners in its team, which created a strong stakeholder network. Together with the BUILD UPON consortium members in Croatia, FosterREG national cluster will continue to engage this network in activities concerning FosterREG and BUILD UPON common goals until the end of the project.



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The URBAN LEARNING team agreed to work together with FosterREG consortium and to appear on Zagreb ENERGY WEEK (8-13.5.2017), the main event within energy area in the City of Zagreb, with great visibility. FosterREG will have a presentation on the event, on the day before the FosterREG Final Conference, What is more, FosterREG Final Conference will be included in the official programme of the Zagreb ENERGY WEEK 2017. 



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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 649846