Overview of Croatian training activities


In Croatian national cluster, training activities (TAs) were planned with a great emphasis on the multi-level coordination. Stakeholders from different authority levels were invited to all major events in order to strengthen the communication between the particular levels of government, as it was one of the points requiring improvements.


Basic ideas:

Over 170 stakeholders participated in the training process at workshops in Zagreb and Osijek.

What is more, over 225 attendees were present at the Energy councilor/assiocate workshops organized by the APN.

workshopDuring the TAs, key national stakeholders took part in the events and debate with the representatives of other levels of government.
Local level stakeholders used the oportunity to share with others the valuable information about the problems occuring at their level. Through cooperation with other projects, foundation for sustained work in the national networks was made.
On the basis of the case study of ad-hoc chosen neighbourhood in Osijek – Sjenjak, the participants rethought the process of urban regeneration known to them from the previous projects and provided the suggestions for the changes that would be needed if a city or other governing body wishes to implement an integral, energy efficient urban regeneration project. For such a project, it would be necessary to understand from where the initiative is coming from and which existing bodies could deliver the project's proposal or mediate between the different levels of government to enable the local stakeholders to deliver such a proposal.