FosterREG final conference took place in Zagreb, Croatia on 11th May 2017 


The project conference was a part of 8th Zagreb Energy Week, 8-13.05.2017

 Venue: Hotel International, Miramarska 24, Zagreb, Croatia

Time: 9:30 - 14:30


At the final conference, all the FosterREG results from three countries: Spain, the Netherlands and Croatia were presented, as well as the EU-wide impact of project training activities. Lessons learned and materials for future use in the planning, financing and implementation of integrated urban regeneration were offered to the gathered audience.

Numerous lecturers gave speeches at the conference: from the representatives of national clusters and Croatian public authorities to the representatives of European level bodies: EASME, DG Regio and Energy Cities initiative.




FosterREG project overview / Francisco Rodriguez – Tecnalia VIDEO

EU support for energy efficient urban regeneration / Philippe Moseley – European Commission, Executive Agency for SMEs VIDEO

Urban agenda / Zeljka Zgaga – European Commission DG REGIO VIDEO

Proposals for the energy transition of cities and towns / Kristina Dely – Energy Cities VIDEO

Urban regeneration: a different view / Tea Zakula – a former special advisor to the Croatian Minister of environment protection and energy VIDEO

Croatian cluster, Sonja Kovač – City of Osijek VIDEO

Spanish cluster, Patxi Hernandez – Visesa and Olatz Nicolas - Tecnalia VIDEO 1  VIDEO 2

Dutch cluster, Jasper Donker – TNO and Marion Overberg – City of Utrecht VIDEO

Sustainable Integrated Multi-sector PLAnning - (SIMPLA – Horizon 2020) Stefano Alessandrini – AREA Science Park VIDEO
Empowering local public authorities to build integrated sustainable energy strategies (EMPOWERING – Horizon 2020) / Ramona Tanasa – North-East Regional Development Agency VIDEO


Since FosterREG is nearing its final stage, the consortium will soon have the pleasure to communicate all the results achieved to the project stakeholders. As one of the project’s main goals is to significantly contribute to the sustainable urban regeneration, the high impact of the FosterREG results needs to be ensured through many different dissemination activities. The crucial elements of the whole dissemination plan are FosterREG webinar and final conference, both organized at the European level and aimed to upgrade stakeholders’ capacities and skills to plan, finance and manage integrated urban regeneration for sustainable energy uptake.

In order to guarantee the maximum benefits for the events participants, all interested in webinar or conference will have the possibility to make themselves familiar with FosterREG training materials prior to the both events. The mentioned training materials will be used during the meetings with stakeholders and will be made available to the wide audience on the project website in the LIBRARY bookmark. Among them the project booklet, video and public project presentations will be offered to the interested audience. 

The planned structure of the FosterREG webinar, as well as the final conference, consists of three main contents concentrated around the following questions:

  • Why? (the importance and sense of the project urgency),
  • How? (how the project collaborative analysis were performed - from ambition to action > FosterREG barriers, strategies applied),
  • What? (examples of good practices, successful cases; recommendations for the future, etc.).

The EU level webinar is planned to be organized during the last quarter of the project duration in order to have as many results as possible available to the European stakeholders. At the same time, FosterREG consortium wants to avoid organizing the webinar in the very end of the project, because the feedback gathered from the webinar audience might be used to improve the final project conference and make it better tailored to the stakeholders’ needs. Taking into account the approach described above, the EU level webinar is going to be organized two months (approx. February) before the final project conference (April/May).

Invitations to the webinar and final conference as well as the information about the availability of the training materials will be published on the FosterREG project website and social media as soon as they are finalized by the consortium. If you want to stay up to date with the newest details please check our webpage (coming events section) and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn .

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 649846