One of the objectives of FosterREG is to develop joint strategies for the planning, financing and implementation of energy efficiency measures in urban regeneration. The focus will be on three national clusters (Spain, Croatia, the Netherlands) each with specific gaps, challenges and opportunities. The goal was to develop a specific joint strategy for each of the national clusters (case studies), and finally to compare and integrate this information to made it applicable in broader European cases.

For each of the national clusters an integrated report was elaborated basing on local and national interviews, surveys and workshops and includes joint analysis of regulation frameworks, management procedures and financing mechanisms. In the final step these national cluster reports were integrated and discussed during:

national workshops, where the main stakeholders at national level discuss about their experiences and best practices, validate the findings from previous activities, and propose improvements in the regulatory framework and current practice.

The main steps include:

  • Collaborative analysis of the present state and identification of main gaps/barriers for implementing energy efficiency measures in urban regeneration. This workshop was prepared through a series of interviews and surveys and dealt with an analysis of main gaps and barriers in the regulation frameworks, management and implementation procedures and financial mechanisms in each national cluster. Stakeholders from the civil society, local, national, european level were involved in this first workshop.

  • Collaborative identification of solutions: this workshop dealt with the development of a wide range of solutions for overcoming the earlier identified gaps and barriers, together with relevant selected stakeholders in key public administrations from the participant countries. This workshop was prepared through desk research, interviews and surveys with stakeholders to identify a preliminary set of solutions. The focus of this workshop was on identifying the advantages and disadvantages per stakeholder and per level of energy policy making.

  • Collaborative development of strategies and improved proposals: in this final workshop session the main list of solutions from the previous workshop was converged in a condensed set of strategies and improved proposals for planning, financing and implementing EE measures. It was done in collaboration with the relevant local and national stakeholders. Best practices were shared and analysed, and an integrated view, as well as improvement proposals, were developed. This series of workshops led to an action plan specific for each national cluster case study. The aspects of energy efficiency (regulation framework, management procedures and financing mechanisms) in urban regeneration developed were addressed. Important aspects as opportunities, and transferability of best practices were discussed as well.

An integrated report which includes joint analysis of regulation frameworks, management procedures and financing mechanisms was elaborated for each of the national clusters.

Read the reports for Spain, Croatia and the Netherlands.



European workshop:

Next step was based on organization and elaboration of results from national workshops and sharing lessons learnt from the three participating countries, therefore providing an European perspective.

All learning experiences from the cases were extracted during European workshop. Based on the conclusions of the workshop an easy to read collaborative analysis and best practices report was made with the steps to improve strategies for planning, financing and implementing energy policies between the different policy levels illustrated with the lessons learned from the three cases.

Read the report >>>


If you are a national, regional, public authority involved in urban regeneration planning and are interested in sharing best practices, knowledge exchange, developing new strategies and proposals for improvement in regulation, financing and management of energy aspects in urban regeneration planning join one of FosterREG national clusters in Spain, the Netherlands or Croatia! 



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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 649846