The core of FosterREG - training activities were planned for the second year of the project duration (July 2016 – May 2017). We are pleased to announce that the major part of meetings have already taken place!

Training activities were organized on national level (in Spain, Croatia and in the Netherlands). In addition, also event with European coverage was envisaged - project Final Conference on 11th May 2017 (Zagreb, Croatia). 

The aim of the activities was to provide public officers with capacities and skills improving the effectiveness of processes dealing with integration of energy efficiency in urban regeneration. They took form of training sessions/workshops, distribution of training materials, etc.

The workshops’ topics and contents were shaped according to the results of the earlier stages of the project. Previously, the FosterREG team worked collaboratively with project stakeholders to achieve the following goals:
• analysis of the present state of the art and identification of main gaps/barriers for implementing energy efficiency measures in urban regeneration
• identification of solutions for overcoming the earlier identified gaps and barriers
• development of strategies and improved proposals for planning, financing and implementing EE measures
As a consequence of these collaborative cooperation, the training materials addressing the key issues identified were developed for the furher stage of the project - capacity building activities, i.e. training workshops.

All training materials are available here. We escpecially encourage you to read the FosterREG integrated urban regeneration booklet that provides advice on how to plan, finance and implement the projects on the city district level. 

FosterREG training workshops are summarised in the latest project video

All training events are described in D4.3 Training activities report available in LIBRARY (Reports) section in June 2017.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 649846